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Why Tile is a Good Choice for the Bathroom

For the average homeowner, the bathroom can prove to be particularly tricky to design. From finding fixtures to choosing a color scheme, it’s hard to know where to even start. If you’re at the point of considering flooring for the bathroom, here are a few things you need to know about why tile is a good choice.



Whether you’re choosing porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles, you can expect high durability in the bathroom. Most tiles are made out of clay and then fired at high heats to harden. This process also makes it less porous (which we will get to in a minute). The durability makes tile perfect for bathrooms, where there is generally a lot of movement and moisture. When installed correctly, the tile should last a long time in the bathroom.


Easy to clean

Tiles explicitly made for the bathroom are going to be the easiest to clean. Remember how we mentioned that firing keeps the tile less porous? Fewer pores mean a smoother surface, less staining, and easier cleaning. Due to the finish, there is also no need for harsh cleaners and chemicals.



Tiles come in virtually all colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice on style in favor of a high performing durable surface in the bathroom. Plus, tiles are customizable and able to mix and match. The possibilities are virtually endless.



It’s unlikely that you would consider putting carpet in the bathroom, especially as carpet is one of the major offenders for allergies. But even wood flooring and linoleum can be traps for allergens and mold growth. In the bathroom, where conditions are particularly humid most of the time, it is crucial to prevent allergen growth. Tiles, with their smooth surface and easy-to-clean qualities, will help this.


Environmentally friendly

Porcelain and ceramic tiles used in the bathroom both come from natural clay sources that do not require intense industrial extraction. Tiles also do not result in or emit any toxic fumes or substances. And because of their durability and low maintenance, their life span more than makes up for the energy used to make them.


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