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Terrazzo Tile Designs at Artistic Tile

History of Terrazzo Tiles

In this video, Megan from Artistic Tile LLC gives us a brief history of Terrazzo tiles. While their roots can be traced around the globe as far back as ancient Egypt, the modern terrazzo we use today was first used in Italy in the mid-sixteenth century by Venetian mosaic workers. They took all the odd-sized and chipped marble pieces and put them in a cementitious grinder. They eventually made them into beautiful tiles that they used in their own terraces. As the techniques for grinding the surface improved, they became an Italian staple for decorative and durable surfacing. They gained popularity over the years and eventually, in 1890, made their way to the United States when they were used in the Vanderbilt residence on 5th Ave in New York. 


Terrazzo Mosaics at Artistic Tile LLC 

In this video, Megan shows us some gorgeous new mosaics in stock from a few vendors at Artistic Tile LLC! There are several different patterns and designs to choose from, including AKDO ’s mosaic, which mixes natural stone with metal accents and terrazzo, Stone Mar Lilly tiles with mother of pearl accents, and more! 


How to Use Terrazzo Tiles in Your Space 

As you can see in the video, there are so many different patterns and color palettes to work with when it comes to terrazzo tiles, which can be conformed to fit nearly any style. Terrazzo tile is commonly used for flooring, as it’s a durable material that can withstand foot traffic. However, you’re certainly not limited to using it for flooring! Terrazzo is also a great addition to bathrooms for showers, countertops, and beyond. If you want to get a little creative in the kitchen, you can even use terrazzo to create a decorative backsplash.


Shop Terrazzo Tiles at Artistic Tile LLC in Nashua NH 

The opportunities for creative design with terrazzo tiles are endless. Our team at Artistic Tile can help you choose the right tile for your project and assist you from design to installation. Check out the video above and stop by our tile store in Nashua, NH, to explore our tile selection and get started!


Source: https://akdo.com/?s=terrazzo


Unboxes the Tile Love Club box from Lunada Bay Glass Tile with us! This box features their newest collection, Flux, with gorgeous concept boards and library boards to show the different colors and finishes available!

Megan from Artistic Tile LLC shows us a new tile line from Adex, called Habitat. Check out the video and visit our tile store in Nashua, NH, to find just the right tile for your project!

In this video, Megan shows us beautiful new mosaic tiles from Artistic Tile, the Sakura Collection. These tiles come in several different colorways, both offering a unique pattern.