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Shopping at a Tile Showroom vs. Big Box Store

While the low prices that you may see at a “Big Box Store” seem appealing, that price often reflects the quality and service that you will receive. Although it can be tempting to just run to your local store to grab a box of tile, it’s never as quick and easy as you imagine. Going to a tile showroom, that is stocked with custom designs and staff that is knowledgeable, will always provide you with a better experience. 


Tile Quality

The tile that is found in big box stores are often produced in very large quantities, made to meet a specific price point/sales margin. As in most retail stores, it’s simply a numbers game. They produce a number of tiles that will appeal to the general population, in order to make a certain amount of sales and profit. Coming in large quantities, these tiles may suffer some damage and imperfections along the way. You may also find that the shade and coloring of tile may differ from one box to another. The difference in production and material quality is one factor that makes a tile showroom an optimal choice. 


Tile Availability 

At a Big Box store, your choices are typically limited. Only the most popular brands and styles will earn a space on the shelf. There is not a wide variety of styles or uniqueness. Comparatively, tile showrooms give you more choices than you could ever imagine. With a wide array of unique and custom tiles, you’re bound to find a tile to match your aesthetic (and that you won’t see in every other home in your neighborhood)! 


Customer Service

In addition to the actual tiles that you will be receiving, the service you get at a tile showroom in comparison to a big box store is what truly sets them apart. At a store like home depot, you have to track down a sales clerk, who may have no prior knowledge of tile whatsoever. They’re simply there to help you complete the sale. When you come to a tile showroom, these employees are tile experts that specialize in the industry. They can help you choose based on style and functionality, and come up with designs that can “wow” you and still fit the budget. They will walk you through the process from start to finish, with a skilled team of installers to complete the project.


Visit our Tile Showroom In New Hampshire

Artistic Tile offers one of the largest displays of unique tiles in New England. If you’re starting a home remodel or renovation, come visit our showroom and talk with one of our tile experts! We’ll work with you to determine which tile will be best for you and fulfill your dream designs.


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Megan from Artistic Tile LLC shows us a new tile line from Adex, called Habitat. Check out the video and visit our tile store in Nashua, NH, to find just the right tile for your project!

In this video, Megan shows us beautiful new mosaic tiles from Artistic Tile, the Sakura Collection. These tiles come in several different colorways, both offering a unique pattern.