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Grout as a Design Element

If you’re going to be installing tiles in your space, you likely know that there are so many different tile materials, brands, designs, and patterns to choose from. However, what’s often overlooked is the effect that the grout can have on the overall feel of the tile. 


In this video, Loralyn from Artistic Tile talks discusses grout as a design element and how different colors can greatly affect the entire look. Keep reading more and check out the video below to see some beautiful examples!

Using Grout to Create Contrast

Watch as Loralyn shows us some examples of the same tiles using different grouts. She shows us glass tiles, using lighter and darker color grouts, discussing the different contrasts. 


One has a dark grey grout while the other is a cream color grout, creating a more dramatic contrast. In addition, you’ll see dimensional tiles that display the difference between a dramatic contrast, and no contrast. 


She also shows us another blue tile with rustic edges that uses a warmer grey grout to complement the tile. Depending on your style and the look you’re trying to create in your space, there are so many different options for design when it comes to tile and grout. 


Stop by Artistic Tile 

Check out the video above, and stop by our tile store in Nashua NH to browse! Let us help you design the room of your dreams. Our team of designers and expert tile installers will bring your visions to life, and create a space you’ll love for years to come! 


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