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Getting Creative: Different Designs You Can do With Tile

For some, choosing your tile is as simple as heading to the store, and picking a generic material and installing, as is. But for those of us with a keen eye for design, we like to let our imaginations run wild with ideas! The tile you choose is something you’re going to live with for years to come and has the ability to tell a story that’s personal to you. From being able to create a mosaic of your dog, or artwork, or using different patterns, it’s a highly versatile option. Artistic Tile can help you create the perfect design for your home. Tile leaves you with limitless possibilities for a unique masterpiece. Learn about some of the different things you can do with tile below! 


Pattern Designs

One of the most common, and simplest designs is a straight (or stack bond) design. As it sounds, this is where the tiles are laid in straight lines, and the grout lines end up looking like a perfect grid. A diagonal design is similar, but instead are laid at a 45-degree angle, resembling diamonds. This is a great design for a bathroom floor or other small room that you’d like to make appear larger. Another common design is the herringbone, where rectangular tiles are laid in a zig-zag pattern. This is often seen in hallways or outdoor paths. The windmill is an intricate design, using both square and rectangular tiles. One smaller square is placed in the middle, with 4 rectangular tiles placed around it. A few other popular, more intricate designs include the pinwheel, stretcher bond, and cobblestone. There are multiple patterns that can be created with the multitude of sizes that can be created in today’s tiles.


Adding a Personal Touch

If you want to go beyond these common designs, what if we told you we could create a mosaic of your dog? Or create a unique piece of artwork? The options when it comes to this type of design are limitless. Whether you want a subtle, small piece of art on your wall or floor or a bright eye-catching focal point, we can work together to create something special. 


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