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Different Finishes of Porcelain Tile

After choosing a material for tile, the decision making is not done yet. Next up, it’s time to choose a finish. Let’s talk about porcelain…Porcelain offers both aesthetics and functionality and can be tailored to your style with different finishes. Available in 5 surface types, each one has different characteristics to suit all different needs. Porcelain tile is also non-porous and does not require sealing. Keep reading to learn which finish would be best for your project.



If you desire a highly-reflective, shiny looking tile, polished porcelain is the way to go. During the finishing process, each tile goes through a series of graded polishing wheels, first to be grinded and then buffed. Because it is created within its structure rather than just on top, it is permanent, and it is a low maintenance, easy to keep clean finish. It is also scratch and stain resistant, showing no signs of wear or fading. This makes it an optimal choice for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, entryways, hotel lobbies, etc. The one drawback is that they do have slip potential when wet, so they typically are only used in indoor dry spaces.



A honed finish has a more flat, satin-like feel that is smooth to the touch. This type of finish is not as slippery when wet, making it a good choice for an area such as the bathroom that may be subject to water splashes from the shower or tub.  Like a polished surface, they are also low maintenance, scratch, and stain resistant.



A natural finish on tile replicates the look of the material, in this case, porcelain. It will showcase all of the unique markings, patterns, and textures. Just as it sounds, it leaves your tiles with a more “natural” look.



A grip surface has an almost sandpaper-like texture, making them highly slip resistant. They are designed specifically to withstand wet surface conditions. This is an optimal choice in slippery areas such as bathrooms, pool surrounds, or shower areas.



In the forming process for a structured finish, the surface of the tile is changed from flat to textured. It can either produce a rough, random texture, or chosen shapes and designs. These interesting textures of a structured finish can add an interesting touch, especially in a monotone, simple space. They do provide some slip resistance, although not comparable to that of a grip surface.


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