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Benefits of Supporting Small Local Businesses

Although they’re “small businesses,” you’d be surprised to learn how much of a large impact they can have on your local economy and community. When you look around, you probably don’t even realize how many small businesses you’re surrounded by. Yet, many of us still resort to “big-box” or “chain” stores when making a majority of purchases, without even giving small businesses a thought. Check out these 4 benefits of buying from local businesses.


Improve the Local Economy

When you buy locally, much more of your money stays within the community, than if you were to buy from a chain store. Local business owners, of all people, understand the importance of buying locally. Therefore, when they need supplies for their business, they’re highly likely to buy from a local business if they can. Chain businesses tend to get their supplies from corporate, taking the money out of our local economy. Local businesses also help the economy by providing jobs locally, and sometimes, provide better wages than chains do.


Better Customer Service

There’s no “1-800” number to call, or series of automated messages to get through when you need assistance from local businesses. You dial a number and get a human. Or you go into the store down the street, and someone is readily available to help you. The customer experience you’ll receive from a small local business is unmatched. These business owners have often put their whole lives into building their store and will go to all ends to ensure their customers are happy. The business owners will even get to know you on a first name basis, making you feel right at home when you walk in.


Community Involvement

Need donations for a charity event? Sponsorship for sports teams? Fundraising for a school trip? Local small businesses are typically happy to give back to their community in any way they can, whether it be through a tax-free donation, gift card to their store, or providing their service for a good cause. Check out how Artistic Tile partnered up with Building on Hope this year to give back to a meaningful cause.


Product Diversity

When you walk into a big box store, you often know exactly what you’re going to find. Typically shelves and shelves of the same products that you saw last week, rarely changing their inventory. However, at a small local business, you’ll be surprised at the variety they’ll offer. Additionally, you won’t be buying the same products that you, your neighbor, and everyone else in the town has! The products are unique, and usually not a mass-produced item. Sometimes, you won’t even see the same product twice. Inventory in a small local business is always changing, as they’re constantly re-evaluating what their customers want and need.


Shopping small can be beneficial to both you, and your community! Don’t forget to get out and shop this Saturday, 11/24 for “Shop Small Saturday” and support your local businesses!


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