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Benefits of Having A Professional Install Your Tile

Sometimes making home projects a “DIY,” can be fun and save you some money. However, when it comes to installing tile, it’s always best to hire a professional. There are several benefits that can save you time, and the hassle of complications in the future.


Protect the Warranty

When you make tile installation a DIY project, you run the risk of forfeiting your warranty. Many tile manufacturers will not abide by the warranty if tile or grout develops damage because of improper installation. By hiring a professional, you ensure that your warranty is protected and you will be covered if any issues should occur.


Faster Installation

You may consider installing tile yourself in order to save some money. However, hiring a professional can save you the long hours, and headache of doing it yourself. Pros do this for a living, so they practically have it down to a science. They can also deal with any unexpected issues that may arise quicker than you’d be able to.


Special Equipment

Just as any other home project would, tile installation is going to require special tools in order to get the job done right. Yes, you could rent a tile and saw, and buy grout float, sponges, tile crimpers, etc., but this is going to start racking up the overall cost of the project. While the goal is to save money by making it a DIY, these purchases start to add up quickly and really provide no value to you after their one time use. A professional will already have access to all of this equipment, allowing them to spread mortar and grout, smooth the tiles edges, and make precise cuts to fit in tight spaces.


Reduce Wasted Tile

A professional will take measurements and be able to calculate the amount of materials needed, so you won’t be buying more than necessary or run short by not having enough. You’ll also reduce the number of broken tiles or incorrect cuts, which can add up quickly if you are a first-timer at tile installation.


Prevent Water Damage

When tile or grout is installed improperly, water can seep in through cracks and gaps. This can lead to the growth of mold and mildew in your floors or walls, creating a health hazard in your home. Hiring a professional lessens the chance of faulty installations, and therefore possible water damage.


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